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About Taival Films.

Film production & Concept design. 



In Finnish, it means ‘journey’.


And for the 6 of us who work at Taival Films, it’s an extension of the 6 personal journeys we have been on that has brought us to here and now.


Taival Films are Heidi, a Finn who discovered a new home and belonging in Melbourne. Melisa, a young director from the Gold Coast whose passion is getting great performances from the artists she directs. Bianca, an audio technician with an ear for the new and engaging. Chris, an editor and colourist who develops the films to be ready for the big (or small) screen. Brydi, who is passionate about filmmaking in front and behind the camera and Tory, who has the cinematographer's eye to create the director's view into a film.


As a collective, we came together at film school with a shared vision of making film and video content that touched people’s hearts, challenged their thinking and opened their minds.


We are a small crew with a wealth of experience and passion to bring to your project. And we do it with a unique feeling of shared purpose and ‘family’. How can we help you achieve your goals?

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